Monday, 16 January 2017

About me - April 2017

First of all, about the title. Before Fargo was renamed after William Fargo of railroad and banking fame, it was called Centralia because - as far as anyone can work out - the centre of the North American continent is somewhere around here. I prefer the old name.

I was a freelance radio editor, . I love working with underserved communities in particular. I was working as an editor and social media manager for the local tribal radio station.

I loved working with the Anishinaabe natives of this region, and in particular Gaa-waabaabiganikag, known in English as White Earth Reservation. However, I need to earn money as well, and so I removed that particular allusion from this blog title.

However, I still believe I have learned lessons from the natives and that I have knowledge to impart and privilege to both battle and acknowledge.

I'm Tim Abbott, I am a media guy. My latest job is working as a trainee for Communication Services for the Deaf.

My most cherished beliefs are peace and equality, and that those are the foundation of humanity, if left free of coertion.
That also pretty firmly puts me in the Anarcho-Pacifist corner of politics.
I was born by the banks of the River Thames, with Cerebral Palsy. I wear my scars with pride. I am a #spoonie. I used to present a Disability rights show on Resonance 104.4 FM in London.
That show, Technical Difficulties, returned after I got married and emigrated.  Fridays between noon and 1pm Central Time on 88.1 FM KPPP-LP in Fargo-Moorhead.
I also have engineered on radio, and will probably return to that.
I grew up by the River Douglas in Lancashire and now live by the banks of the Red River of the North in Moorhead, MN.
I graduated from Nottingham Trent University, and in a round about way have eventually found my major - Broadcast Journalism - to be quite useful.
I am a romantic immigrant - that is, I moved here to be with my wife and our cat. We are infertile.
I am a proud bisexual man.
I am not romantic about the country to which I have moved, built as it was through theft and misappropriation from Mexica.
I am a white, European or "Gichi-mookomaan", to use the Ojibwe phrase.
Despite the disturbingly, forcefully mainstream politics of much of modern sport, I grew up as an all-sports guy (local favorites included soccer, cricket and two different types of rugby) and remain one.
Also, as an experienced traveler, I have rooting interests in most sports and most regions but am most at home watching (any) basketball or (Manchester United) footy.
I am least comfortable trying to help run such organisations.
Any other questions, feel free to ask. Although I may not answer.