Friday, 3 January 2014

Post 2: 2 years later

Happy New Year 2014.

As Resonance 104.4fm broke up for Christmas, I closed the book on my weekly radio show, Technical Difficulties.

I am still waiting to pass the WHO threshold of being infertile (see the first post)
I am waiting to begin (let alone finish) my processing for permanent legal residence in the US
I am waiting to leave this flat, my undernourishing full time job and this country

Most of all, I am waiting to work out a path of transition from this near decade of single London life to married life in Moorhead, Minnesota.

As I write this, I am also managing a medication transition. My long-term anti-spasmodic (Baclofen) appears to be responsible for some ugly gastric symptoms and so I am tapering it back to zero, with valium as a backstop when being unmedicated is unmanageable.

If myself and my neuro guy agree that the baclofen is at fault, we will try tizaridine. Which is apparently "more complicated to administer". I await a better idea what that means.

Whilst plotting out my wedding clothes, it also is obvious that an orthotic device I have called a Dictus Band is wearing out. So at some point I essentially have to book an appointment and have lace up "formal shoes" (which I can't tie) be fitted with a new one.

I hope that mostly made sense.

Until next time, wear your scars with pride. Underneath the surface, we all have technical difficulties.